Our Worship Services

We are committed to bring you relevant messages and Worship music each week. Our in-house services are temporarily suspended and available online only Saturdays 5PM and Sundays 11AM on our streaming platform. Simply click on the “WATCH LIVE” tab on this website. Shortly after the Sunday service ends (noon), the replay will be available on the Butler Church Of The Nazarene and Fusion Cafe Facebook pages—and our YouTube Channel. We are committed to be the “Church Without Walls!” as always! The building is temporarily partially closed, but the Church is Alive and Well.

Community Food Pantry

Hours of operation (for both pick up and donations):

Tuesdays & Fridays 10am-6pm

If you are unable to make it during these hours, please call 973 838 1027 to schedule an appointment. There is also a box outside the front entrance to the church for off-hours non-perishable food donations. Please ensure that items not expired.

Support Group

What To Expect From Our Worship

We are a peer-based support group for teens and young adults struggling in crisis.  Our mission is to let those struggling with depression/mental illness/ self-harm or any other crisis have a safe place to talk to their peers. We meet on Monday evenings at 700 pm at the Butler Church Of The Nazarene.  We would like to remind you that this group in no way replaces professional therapy or clinical help that you may need.  This is a support group.

Parent/Teen Workshop

Four Week Sessions: Parent/Team Workshops

Reserve your spot today. Please call us at (973)-838-1027 or email pcbcon1@gmail.com