Our Worship Services

We are thrilled to transition to Phase 3: Regathering Indoors for Worship. Service hours are 10:30-11:30AM. Our Number 1 priority is to keep everyone safe. We have re-arranged our seating with social distancing in mind—high touch items are sanitized before service—face coverings are required indoors.

We urge you to stay at home if you—or anyone in your household is sick or has symptoms—such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, muscle aches, headaches, sore throat and loss of taste of smell.

If you are not comfortable attending our Sunday service in-person, each week we stream our message live. Click on the “Watch Live” menu option from this website. The replay is posted Sunday sometime after the 10:30AM service on both our Butler Church Of The Nazarene Fusion Cafe Facebook pages—and to our YouTube channel.

Stay tuned to learn more about future outreach events and volunteer opportunities!

Community Food Pantry

Community Food Pantry Hours as of January 2021

Regular hours:

Tuesdays: 9AM-12PM for donations and sign-ups for new pantry shoppers only

Fridays: 10AM to 4PM for pantry shopping/pick-ups and donations

If you are unable to make it during these hours, please call 973 838 1027 to schedule an appointment. For off-hour donations, there is a weatherproof bin outside the front entrance of the church for non-perishable items. Please ensure that items not expired.

Location: Butler Church of the Nazarene, 188 Kiel Ave. Butler NJ. As always, thank you for giving!


Support Group

What To Expect From Our Worship

We are a peer-based support group for teens and young adults struggling in crisis.  Our mission is to let those struggling with depression/mental illness/ self-harm or any other crisis have a safe place to talk to their peers. We meet on Monday evenings at 700 pm at the Butler Church Of The Nazarene.  We would like to remind you that this group in no way replaces professional therapy or clinical help that you may need.  This is a support group.

Parent/Teen Workshop

Four Week Sessions: Parent/Team Workshops

Reserve your spot today. Please call us at (973)-838-1027 or email pcbcon1@gmail.com